Monday, August 18, 2008



i'm sorry for being a jerk,

because of all the faces it's you that smirk,

i know that between us things can't work,

i know thats why you went beserk,

you know that i'm no bloke,

that can tell the truth even when i choke,

i know that i'm now broke,

with your friendship at all stroke,


i'm sorry for being such a pain,

to a soul that's so endearing but always in disdain,

please forgive me for all the pain,

cause thats what i need,

just to stay sane.

-aisamuddin -

forgot the date i wrote this=P

(c)copyright 2007


izzyzatt said...

nice one.

asyraf said...

buang ar lutut ko...huhuhu

pokjak said...

weh lyric lgu gapo nijh??
mace knal jah..

aisamuddinMH said...

lirik lagu??
haha..wat sendiri r pokjak

Anonymous said...

salam ice
pkbr skg?

fatin said...

apekah ini???
luahan perasaan??